Confidence Coach


New and exciting programmes are currently germinating in the Garden and will be shooting up in Spring 2012!

 “Coaching has been the biggest discovery and changed my life. I haven’t had to go over my past and emotional insecurities, or even explain why I am stressing about life. Instead I can look for ways to gain confidence in myself. The process of confidence coaching has been a gift to me.”

Sarah Mills. Manchester. UK

Coaching as a process and skill has been around for years, the term was mainly used in the context of sports coaching. Confidence Coaching works in a similar way to sports coaching which is that it takes and objective view, listens to all that is being said and usually much more, and is able to show the ‘coachee’ patterns, behaviours, language etc which may be supporting doubt, fear and self criticism rather than building confidence.

With more than 90% of your behaviour being habitual it can difficult for you to see these patterns in yourself and think consciously in new ways to change them. Having a non-judgmental listener to guide, challenge and ‘plant new seeds’ can give you the opportunity to develop and grow in way you may have not realised possible before now.

 “None can stop you from growing and learning if you seriously intend to. And none could help you progress if you don’t want to.”